Top Prices Paid For All Scrap Metal!

Get Paid Top Price for Scrap Batteries

Get Paid Top Price for Scrap Batteries!

Did you know scrap batteries can pay you top dollar? It’s true! You’ll find that some scrap metal recycling centers pay set prices per scrap battery while other recycling centers pay you per pound for your battery. But what’s better for you?

At West Melrose Scrap Metal Recyclers, we pay you per pound for your scrap batteries so you’re rewarded for a heavier battery. That’s why, when visiting a scrap metal recycling center near you to recycle your batteries make sure you do your scrap pricing homework beforehand.

Remember, batteries are a unique product and often comprised of toxic components If not properly recycled, discarded or handled, batteries can be harmful to the environment. By recycling your batteries with us, you can rest assured any hazardous materials are contained and recycled according to all EPA guidelines.

So, if you live in or around Melrose Park, Elmhurst, Bensenville or Northlake Illinois, recycle your batteries with West Melrose Metal Recyclers and receive top prices for your scrap batteries!

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