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Scrap Metal Red Metals – A Brief Overview

Have you ever heard mention of the red metals? Here’s a brief overview of the most common types:

Copper—Common types include: Bare Bright, No. 1 and No køb viagra til kvinder. 2 Copper Solids, Turnings or Wire; Insulated Copper Wires

Brass—Common types include: Refinery Brass, Machinery Brass, Aluminum Brass, Red Brass, Yellow Brass, Brass Solids and Brass Turnings

Manganese Bronze—A type of brass that contains manganese

Bronze—Common types include: Aluminum Bronze, Silicon Bronze, Phosphor Bronze and Leaded Bronze

West Melrose Scrap Metal Recyclers accepts ferrous and nonferrous metals. Get paid top dollar for your red metals by recycling them with Melrose Park’s best scrap metal recycler!


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